To contact The Price Sisters, email The Price Sisters at


2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. ray mcneely said:

    I am enamored with the Price Sisters. Saw and heard them tonight on Alaska Public TV during a Woodsongs program for first time. I just happened to be channel surfing and fell in love. Their parents have done a wonderful job. I wish the girls all the happiness and best of good fortunes and that they are treated right. Thank you.

    • The Price Sisters said:

      That is so awesome that Alaska Public TV aired the Woodsongs program we were fortunate to be a part of. We are really and glad to hear you like traditional bluegrass, and that you enjoyed our performance!
      Thank you for your kind comments on our parents, and the best wishes for our futures. If you wish to follow our music, please continue to check both our website and facebook page, as we post videos, updates, schedules and links there.

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